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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Our commitment to customer service, quality of our products and professional service are the keys to being inspired to innovation, the development of new products, the modernisation of machinery, so as to be able to offer our customers a professional response with maximum quality and guarantee.

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has a team of professionals who can, at any time, advise you on the possibilities offered by this company, whether with construction or with carpentry and decoration.

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If so required, our team can come to your company for an 'in situ' check on your needs and so adapt our top quality products at the best possible price.

ONTE San Julián de La Vega - Apartado 44. 27614, Sarria (Lugo), España
Tel: 982 530 026 Fax: 982 530 406 e-mail: br>
ONTE Slovakia, s.r.o. Orechová, 115 (P.O. Box, 24) 07251 SOBRANCE (SLOVENSKO)
Tel. 421 (0) 56 6981150 Fax 421 (0) 56 6981152 e-mail: -

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