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Friday, May 20, 2022
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In we are specialised in cutting natural wood sheets and in the board veneering process, both with fibre and particles or plywood, in standard or special sizes and with the possibility of being edged, in sheet or solid wood, with different moulding finishes and mechanise and varnished.

As solid wood is more sensitive to changes in climate, temperature and humidity, its substitution by these products provides an increasingly used solution with better results.

The preparation of sheets commences with the selection of fine woods suited for this product. Then, in our installations and using the most advanced technology, we obtain veneered products of excellent quality and characteristics for every type of applications.

All national and imported woods are at your disposal: antiaris eucalyptus, bubinga, mbero, chestnut, cherry, iroko, mansonia, mukaly, ash, beech, walnut, pine, oak, ukola, etc.

In not only do we take care with the quality of our materials but also the perfection of the finish in our wide range of products. We adapt to your needs and offer you the possibility of of your industrial processes.

The quality and verification controls in all our production processes guarantee the perfect finish of our products.

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